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2009 Haas VF-4B machining center

Year: 2009 Make: Haas Model: VF-4B Condition: Excellent Electrical: 208/3Phase Machine Status: Under Power Shipping Info: Rigging Fee Extra Weight: 130...



2013 Haas VF-7/40 machining center

Year: 2013 Make: Haas Model: VF-7/40 Condition: Excellent Electrical: 460/3Phase Machine Status: Under Power Shipping Info: Rigging Fee Extra Weight: 2...



Pacific # 400-14 Hyd. press brake

Year: ? Make: Pacific Model: 400-14 Condition: Good Electrical: 230/460/3 wired 460 Machine Status: Under Power Shipping Info: Rigging Fee Extra Weight...



2005 SFM-Sunfirm #CST428014A Turning Center

Year: 2005 Make: Sunfirm-SFM Model: CST4280-14A Condition: Good Electrical: 230/460/3 wired 230 Machine Status: Under Power Shipping Info: Rigging Fee E...



Metalex manual slip roll

Year: 1996 Make: Metalex Model: ISF-10025D Condition: Good Machine Status: Shipping Info: We can load Weight: 600 Dimension: L x W x H 75" x 15" x 45"...



W.A. Whitney Hyd. Punch unit # 627

Year: Make: W.A.Whitney Model: #627 fabricator Condition: Good Electrical: 230/460/3 wired 460 Machine Status: Can be powered up Shipping Info: We can ...



Beyeler #C3750 x 8 Hyd. Shear

Year: 2012ref Make: Beyeler Model: C3750 x 8 Condition: Excellent Electrical: 460/3Phase Machine Status: Under Power Shipping Info: Rigging Fee Extra W...



Lincoln # TIG-355 welder-square wave Tig# 10056 stock # LB048653

Year: Make: Lincoln Model: TIG-355 Condition: Good Electrical: 230/460/575/1 phase Machine Status: Shipping Info: We can load Weight: 250 Dimension:...



Micro Air # MC 810 Extractor/air cleaner

Year: 1994 Make: Micro Air Model: MC810 Condition: Good Electrical: 110/1Phase Machine Status: Shipping Info: We can load Weight: 75 Dimension: L x W...



Miller: Millermatic 250X welder #903770

Year: Make: Miller Model: Millermatic 250X welder #90377 Condition: Good Electrical: 230/440/1 Machine Status: Shipping Info: We can load Weight: 150...

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10000 Lbs. PERFECTO Double End Reel No. RD10-24B, 24″ Max Coil Width,...

Standard SpecificationCoil weight capacity: 10,000 LbsCoil width capacity: 24"Expansion range: 17.5" - 22.5"Coil OD capacity: 72"Equipment and Features:Double ...



Plate Shears by Pacific Press and Shear

G Series Hydraulic Sheet/Plate Shears are “the cutting edge” in production sheet and plate shearing of metals ranging from thin sheet to plate steel...




BEHRINGER CNC HORIZONTAL BAND SAW PRICE:  Loaded on Truck, Our Warehouse, York, PA ?? $139,500.00 Stock # 11269-P Serial # 798417          New 1998        ...



36″ Doall Vertical Band Saw Model: 3612-2H S/N: 400-93326 New: 1993

Vari-Speed,Hyd-Table, 5HP,Blade Welder,               36″ DOALL VERTICAL BAND SAW MODEL: 3612-2H   S/N: 400-93326  NEW: 1993 SPECIFICATIONS: THROAT, BAND...




#AMZ46NE GROVE ''MANLIFT'' SELF-PROPELLED AERIAL WORK PLATFORM New 1999, Serial No 250444, Model AMZ46NE EQUIPPED WITH: 46'3'' Work Height 30'' x 48'' Tu...



Dust Hog FJH 220-5

Used Dust Hog FJH 220-5 downward flow dust collector, 220 Cartridge filters for up to 49,720 sq. ft. of filter media, Can handle 100,000 CFM or more, Filters a...



Heck Industries Bevelers Model B125 NEW

1/8" Cap, 1/2 HP New Heck Bevel Mill - Bench Model Model: B125 Features: Make fast and clean 45 degree chamfers   Adjustable depth of cut up to 1...



Heck Industries Notching Machines Model 2006VA Variable Angle NEW

4 HP 220/440v Hydraulics New Heck Hydraulic Notcher Variable Angle Model: 2006VA Features: The cutting angle can be adjusted from 30? to 140? by means of t...

smc 1 40k


smc hydraulic press

SMC hydraulic press is mainly used for the pressing and forming of SMC,DMC,BMC  etc therm...



close die forging production line

Hot die forging production line consists of 100MN hot die forging hydraulic press(preforming),120MN hot die forging hydraulic press(forming),25MN trimming hydra...

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1998 Agma VMC-158 Vertical Machining Center

Agma VMC-158 1998 Condition: Very Good Used Solutions Stock Number: 5385 SpecificationDescriptionTable Size66.9" x 32.09"X-Axis Travel59.06"Y-Axis Travel3...



Allen Bradley Cat #: 1771-A1BB 4-Slot I/O Chasis

Categories:   {Other Electrical & Power}   Author: g2000



1994 ? Oliver-Adrian PT

Category: Tool & Cutter Grinders Capacity: 3/8-3″ Drill web Thinner machine Ad #  9478   Year: 1994 ? Make: Oliver...



Micrometrical Profilometer

Specification Description Electrical Requirements 115 V, 60 Hz Categories:   {Other Inspection Equipment}   Author: g2000



36 Volt GNB Ferrocharger Battery Charger

Specification Description DC Output 36 V Max Output 152 A Max Amp-Hours 725 Battery Type LA Cells 18 Electrical Requirements 3ph, 208/240/480 V, 60 Hz Input Am...



Power Boss Briggs & Stratton Engine



Pressmaster Straightening Presses Model SP-250 NEW




Acer Cnc Vertical Milling Machines, No Atc Model ULTIMA 3VS 1992




1,000 CFM ICM Model SS200E Dust Collector; S/N SS200E-11-86-43

Rec# 2473 (1) Used 1,000 CFM ICM Model SS200E Dust Collector; S/N SS200E-11-86-43 Specifications: Capacity..................................................



unk unk TS400

Category: Pipe, Tube & Bar Cut Off (Production) Capacity: STIHL Model Number TS-4000 Gas Powered Saw with 14″ Blade Ad #  7712  ...

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MachineToolList.com is a machine tool directory that lists thousands of industrial used machine tools, machinery and equipment. Although many of the listings on the site are now out of date, it is still functional and still often has new listings. The layout should provide an experience that allows the visitor to search through the ads for used equipment and used machine tools that are or were for sale from industrial and commercial companies.

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Although many of the machines on this site are no longer available for sale, MachineToolList.com still contains over 15,000 ads (current and expired combined) for machine tools, many types of machinery, equipment and inventory from many distributors worldwide. At it's peak, the large number of "machines for sale" ads on this site made Machine Tool List.com have one of the highest count of listings compared to other directories and marketplaces for machine tools, metalworking equipment and machinery.

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